About Baruti

About Baruti

BARUTI is a niche independent perfume brand based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Started in 2015, the brand set out to tell novel stories through unexpected aromatic combinations. At the heart of BARUTI lies a passion for high quality  raw materials and artistic vision. 

Heavily inspired by art, nature and poetry of the everyday, each BARUTI fragrance is a persona with its own distinctive character and narrative. With an emphasis on originality, subversiveness and freedom of expression, the brand strives to push the boundaries of conventional perfumery without any limitations on creativity. Rebellious and delicious, yet always elegant,  BARUTI perfumes are an experience. 

All of the formulas are composed by Spyros Drosopoulos in his laboratory in Amsterdam. 


About the creator

Spyros Drosopoulos is a self-taught perfumer and scent-engineer.

Born in the Netherlands, raised in Greece and educated in Germany, Spyros is above all a novelty seeker who loves to explore.

A former neuroscientist, Spyros has always had an appreciation for fragrance. After several years of working as a scientific researcher and lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, he traded the comfortable cocoon of academia to pursue his newly found love – perfumery.

Mesmerized by the technically challenging process of fragrance composition as well as the boundless creative possibilities, Spyros has dedicated the past few years to experimenting with new and often rare materials, always looking for novel ways to express his artistic vision.

Under the name BARUTI, Spyros releases his most personal creations.

He enjoys collaborating with other artists which involves either performing live with them on stage (music/video) or providing scents for installations and theatrical plays. In August 2017, he partnered with Delush Fragrances and is now the company’s in-house perfumer.