Dama Koupa

30ml Extrait de Parfum


The Queen of Hearts, a perfume about elegance and passion.

Notes of: Bitter almonds, Grappa, Tonka bean, Vanilla, Cocoa, Iris, Osmanthus, Musk, Amber, White woods, Beeswax, Fir Balsam Absolute.


With Dama Koupa I wanted to make something that would be totally sensual and seductive yet retain it’s class and far from vulgar or too much in your face, screaming for attention kind of perfume. The perfume actually started out as a Indigo variation. First, I concentrated on the roses in indigo pushing them to the max and adding powdery notes to the composition but the results smelled all too familiar to my taste and even though they could have worked for other projects I didn’t find them interesting enough to be Baruti’s. So I started deviating from the original indigo formula more and more dismissing the roses and hyacinth completely and incorporating my iris accord and some new materials I had discovered along the way. Early in 2016 the perfume started taking shape after 100s of “failed” trials when I decided to try the combination bitter almond with iris which to me is a great one. It drew the attention of my girlfriend who adored it and claimed it her signature even before it was finalized. From then on all versions were tested on her which is quite unusual as normally the perfumes are only tested on me but it fitted my original aim, and so at the end I concluded: mission accomplished 😉