30ml Extrait de Parfum


Radiating blue summer skies, continuous music, and effervescent big-city life.

Notes of: Mastic oil (Chios), Hyacinth, Rose, Frankincense, Atlas Cedar wood, Sandalwood, NOOUD, Amber.


Indigo was the first project I took up with the intention to make an actual perfume. It is developed around a recurring fictional setting I’ve spent a lot of time daydreaming about (back in the days of course). Picture yourself in a roof top maisonette in the center of a large metropolis. It is late summer, the weather is hot, but inside the air is almost chilly. It’s noontime. The sun is entering in large amounts through the windows, reaching floor to ceiling and the radiation can be felt. You are all alone, calm, hyper-focused, in solitude, aware, yet detached from the hectic city life, meters below. There is quiet minimal music playing in the background. The sun moves and the afternoon sets in. You walk to the windows and open them. As the warm, dry air hits your face the desire arises to interact with the buzz and be part of it. You realize it is Friday. Suddenly, your phone rings.
Back to the perfume: in the beginning of Indigo both worlds coexist separately. The inside world is dominant, whereas the outside world slips in only at a subliminal level. Slowly, this dissociation diminishes and the mood changes. Both worlds grow more towards each other. Finally, the return to the here and now takes place. The inside world is in unison with the outside.
The name Indigo was chosen because it reflects the duality of the perfume. As a color it is dark and deep blue to violet, yet it’s very bright with an electric radiance and almost in the invisible spectrum. Additionally, in meditation the color refers to the highest state of consciousness. A spiritual state where one has transcended the bodily needs and exists in calm, peaceful awareness, as one with his surroundings.