30ml Extrait de Parfum


Tindrer (Tindrah) is a perfume inspired by a song with the same name. Meaning “sparkle” in Danish, the perfume is a play of contrasts. A happy/sad perfume, modern and nostalgic at the same time.

Notes: Cut Grass, Verbena, Buchu, Twigs and Leaves, Galbanum, Wet soil, Violet flowers, White musk, Ambergris, Heliotrope, Oakmoss, Fir Balsam Absolute.


Tindrer was inspired by the song with the same name by one of my favorite bands. Tindrer is Danish for ‘sparkle’. By listening to the song I always had visions of cold spring mornings in the countryside. Imagine leaving the house in April when the sun is already out but the grass is still dew-laden. The sky is blue with an occasional cloud hanging high in the air like stretched-out cotton candy. During the day the temperature rises but the weather alternates between sunshine and heavy cloudbursts. In the evening, though, a starry night appears, and you can tell it will be summer eventually – a Scandinavian summer, that is. The whole scenery is captured in sepia. Musically, the song’s mood contains several contrasting elements: it’s fragile yet self-assured, quiet yet restless, all at the same time. Later, when I was reading the lyrics (translated), I kind of got the same feeling. To me, the lyrics are about how people can be happy (sparkle) and aggressive (rage), seek to connect and cope with loss. In the perfume, I have tried to express this duality and contrasting moods by using cold yet friendly greens and mix them with unsettled galbanum and wet soil notes. The ‘spicy’ violet flower is both cold and warm, thus captures the duality as well. Finally, the notes of heliotropin, musk, ambergris, and oakmoss give a comfortable, cosy feeling, forecasting the imminence of summer.